About The Mandir

Sanaatan Dharma Mandir of New York (SDMNY) is a non for profit organization formed in August 2004 to meet the communities need for a religious, spiritual, and educational backbone. The organization strives to uplift the Hindu religion along with the community. The organization emphasizes the importance of educating the Youths, who are our futures of tomorrow. SDMNY strives to educate our Youths through educational debates, research projects, and various classes. These Youths are trained not only in Spiritual knowledge, but they are also encouraged to become good citizens towards society. The organization also has many programs for the elderly individuals in the Mandir. The Mandir is used as a meeting place where the older individuals can watch videos, have aartis, pujas, etc...


Sanaatan Dharma Mandir of New York (SDMNY) started at the home of Danesh Dasrat on August 1, 2004. The Mandir’s location was 101-17 114th Street Richmond Hill, NY, 11419. After 6 years, the Mandir purchased a property for itself. The Mandir opened on December 14, 2010 at 104-22 114th Street Richmond Hill, NY, 11419. SDMNY is a registered 501 (3)(c) non for profit organization in the State of New York. All donations are tax deductible.

Vision of the Sanaatan Dharma Mandir of NY

  1. To propagate and promote the teachings of Sanaatan Vedic Dharma which are described in the Vedas, Mahabharata, Puranas, and other Hindu Scriptures.
  2. To promote scriptural, educational, and cultural values among Hindus and also address and find solutions to issues affecting the Hindu community, here and abroad.
  3. To engage in fund raising activities (when necessary) to achieve the aims and objectives of the corporation.
  4. To incessantly strive for the all round upliftment of the individual Hindu as well as the Hindu society at large.

Future Plans

The Sanaatan Dharma Mandir of NY is hoping to construct a new temple on the current location. All donations are kindly welcomed.

Mandir Construction

Devotees, including the older mothers of the mandir, and the men-folks are working assiduously and dilligently to have the new mandir ready very soon to the people in the community. Though the hardworking devotees and other helpers are working round-the-clock to see the mandir completed before the end of 2010, there is no extant time yet when the mandir will be opened to the public. Hats off to the dedicated, extremely hard-working men and women who are making such a beautiful dream becomes a reality for all. Your hard work is really appreciated by all.

The Sanaatan Dharma Mandir of NY has a board of extremely dedicated members of the organization.

Executive Members

President / Trustee: Danesh Dasrat
Vice President / Trustee: Ram Budhram
Secretary / Trustee: Seeta Nohar
Assistant Secretary: Sheila Thakoordeen
Treasurer / Trustee: Indranie Bedasie
Assistant Treasurer: Devi Rampersaud
Organizing Secretary / Trustee: Doodnauth Dasrat
Assistant Organizing Secretary: Sharda Persaud


  1. Doodnauth Dasrat
  2. Danesh Dasrat
  3. Ram Boodram
  4. Seeta Nohar
  5. Indranie Bedasie
  6. Rosanna Ferreira