Is explained in the Upanishads as standing for the whole world and its parts, Including past, present, and future.

It is from this primal Vibration that all manifestation issues forth.


Is the primary or mula mantra, Precedes other mantras.

It is used for chanting and japa.

Aum denotes God as the Primal Sound.

Its three letters represent the three worlds and the powers of creation, preservation and Destruction.

This sound can be heard as the sound of one's own nerve system, and mediators and mystics hear it daily, like the sound made by an electrical transformer or a swarm of bees, or a thousand vinas playing in the distance.

It is a strong, inner experience, one that yogis hold with great reverence.

The meditator is taught to inwardly transform this sound into the inner light which lights up one's thoughts, and to bask in this blissful consciousness of light.

Yogaswami on Aum

The whole world has evolved from AUM

The whole world is sustained by AUM

The whole world will merge into AUM