The Bhagwat Gita by Ramananda Prasad

The Nine Types of Renunciation (Navadha Tyaga) leading to Mukti, based on the teachings of the Gita are as follows:

  1. Renunciation of actions forbidden by the scriptures. (16.23-24)
  2. Renunciation of lust, anger, greed, fear, likes and dislikes and jealousy. (3.34, 16.21)
  3. Spurning of procrastination in Sadhana for the search of Truth (12.09)
  4. Giving up the feeling of pride of possession of knowledge, detachment, devotion, wealth, and charitable deeds (15.05, 16.01-04)
  5. Rejection of selfish motives and attachment to the fruits of all works. (2.51, 3.09, 4.20, and 6.10)
  6. Renunciation of the feeling of doership in all undertakings (12.13, 18.53).
  7. Giving up the thoughts of using the Lord to fulfill selfish material desires. (2.43, 7.17)
  8. Spurning of all attachments to material objects such as a house, wealth, position and power (12.19, 13.09)
  9. Sacrifice of wealth, prestige, and even life for a noble cause and protection of righteousness (Dharma) (2.32, 4.28).