Festival Date Description
Vasant Panchami (Planting of Holika)/ Saraswati Jayanti February 14 Holi commemorates the burning of Holika the aunt of Prahalad. Hindus throw brightly colored powder and water over each other to celebrate this event of good triumph over evil.
Holi March 27 Festival of Colors.
Shivratri March 9 On this day, devotees observe the day by fasting and worshipping Lord Shiva. The entire night is spent singing the praises of Lord Shiva by chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” and bathing the Shivalingam.
Rama Navami

April 19

This festival celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. Rama Navami celebrations include reading the great epic the Ramayana and staging plays of the Rama Leela, or the pastimes of the life of Lord Rama.
Hanuman Jayanti April 25 This festival celebrates the birth of Hanumanji. On this day, one should worship Hanumanji, fast for the entire day, read the Hanuman Chalisa, and spend the day to jap Lord Rama’s name. Hanumanji will be highly pleased and will bless his devotee with success.
Raksha Bandhan

August 20

This celebrates the love for a sister for her brother, on this day; sisters tie a rakhi, and a colorful bracelet made of silk thread on the wrist of their brothers to protect them against evil influences.
Krishna Janamashtami August 28 This is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. Homes are beautifully decorated and lit. In the evening, bhajans are sung, which end at midnight, the moment Lord Krishna was born. On this day, people will spend the day, fasting and spending the day focusing on Lord Krishna.
Ganesh Chaturthi September 8 This celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesh. Clay figures of Lord Ganesh are made and after being worshipped for two days are then immersed in water.
Navratri April 10 to April 19
October 5 to October 12
Navratri are nine nights dedicated to the worship of the Mother Goddess. During these nine nights, the goddess is worshipped in her different forms of Kali, Lakshmi, and then Saraswati.

November 2

This celebration is the festival of lights. Diwali celebrates signifies the triumph of good over evil, of righteousness over treachery, and of light over darkness. On this day we clean every room of the house. On Diwali, we pray to Mother Lakshmi to bestow prosperity on the devotees.