Shanti Mantras

The Shanti Mantras are prayers for peace, in the Hinduism. Shanti Mantras are also known as "Peace Mantras". Shanti Mantras form the part of Upanishads. These mantras are believed to cool the mind of reciter and the surroundings. Reciting these mantras at the beginning of
any task is considered to remove its obstacles.

Shanti Mantras always end with three words of "Shanti" which suggests "Peace". The reason behind speaking three times "Shanti" is to cool the surroundings and remove obstacles in three realms namely; "Physical" or Adhi-Bhautika, "Devine" or Adhi-Daivika and "Internal" or Adhyaatmika. These are called "Tapa-Traya" or three classes of troubles. When Shanti Mantras are recited, obstacles from these realms are
believed to be pacified. Various Shanti Mantras from different Upanishads are as follows:
From Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Ishavasya Upanishad:

"Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornat Poornamudachyate,
Poornasya Poornamaadaya Poornamevavashishyate,
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"

Meaning: The literal meaning of this mantra is: "That is Absolute, This is Absolute, Absolute arises out of Absolute, If Absolute is taken away from Absolute, Absolute remains OM Peace, Peace, and Peace"

"Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya,
Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya,
Mrityor Maa Amritam Gamaya,
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"

Meaning: The accurate sense of this mantra is: "OM lead me from unreal to real, lead me from darkness to light, lead me from death to immortality Om Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace.

From Taittiriya Upanishad, Katha Upanishad and Shvetashvatara Upanishad:

"Om Sahanaa Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Veeryam Karavaavahai
Tejasvi Naavadheetamastu Maa Vidvishaavahai
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih"

Meaning: The literal meaning of this mantra is: "OM. Let all of us protect each other together, may all of us enjoy together, may all of us work
together and let our studies become radiant. Let there be no hatred between us, Om Pease, Peace, Peace”

From Mundaka Upanishad, Mandukya Upanishad and Prashna Upanishad:

"Om Bhadram Karnebhih Shrunuyaama Devaah
Bhadram Pashyemaakshabhiryajatraah
Vyashema Devahitam Yadaayuh.”

“Swasti Na Indro Vridhashravaah
Swasti Nah Pooshaa Vishwavedaah
Swasti Nastaarkshyo Arishtanemih
Swasti No Brihaspatir Dadhaatu
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"

Meaning: The literal meaning of this mantra is: "OM. O Gods! Let us hear promising things from our ears. O respectful Gods! Let us see propitious things from our eyes, let our organs and body be stable, healthy and strong. Let us do what is pleasing to gods in the life span allotted to us. May Indra, inscribed in the scriptures do well to us, May Pushan who is knower of world do good to us and May Trakshya who devastates enemies do good to us! May Brihaspati do well to us! OM Peace, Peace, Peace".